Twin Oaks – Independent Living

Twin Oaks is a family owned and operated business. All of our consumers are like family to us. We believe that developmentally disabled people should have all the same opportunities afforded to others in their community. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care and the highest level of independence to the developmentally disabled. We believe by providing quality care, and as much independence as possible, the consumers we serve will be happier, more successful, and have a great deal of pride in their home and in their community.

Community integration is an important part of the transition for consumers. Here at Twin Oaks we will ensure that our consumers are not just in the community but part of a community, building real relationships with real people. Our consumers will feel what it’s like to belong somewhere and to take pride in being part of a community.

Our staff here is a wonderful group of people who truly want to help and really love the consumers they work with everyday. They invite you to come in and check us out!

Dan Hieronymus
1003 Miller Street
Sweet Springs, MO 65351
Voice: 660-335-0091
Fax: 660-335-0092